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5 Tips for Self-Care

5 Tips for Self-Care

June 22, 2018

Considering the current social and political climate, we've got to work hard to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else. Here are some tips for self-care to include in your everyday routine:

1. EAT HEALTHY:  Too often we eat while multitasking thus depriving ourselves of enjoying the experience of a meal. Try to set some time out of your day to prepare a healthy meal and sit down and enjoy that meal without your computer or phone. You wouldn’t be working while at dinner with a friend, so why not give yourself the same attention.

2. UNPLUG: Social media is awesome but the way we use it can be unhealthy. Often we fall into a black hole while on any one of our favorite platforms and we scroll and scroll consuming all sorts of information -- it gets overwhelming. Consider taking a break and unplugging for a day, or a few, sign out of your social media accounts and put down your phone. You will notice things about you and your surroundings you don’t often notice every day.

3. GO OUTSIDE Exercising is not only beneficial to you physically but also mentally. Exercising increases the production of endorphins which are known to produce the feeling of joy. You do not need a gym membership or an intense workout routine to accomplish this, you can simply go for a run or walk around your neighborhood. Moving around and staying active help you keep a clear mind.

4. BE GRATEFUL: Part of self-care is being aware of the things we have. Keep a journal by your bed, and write down all the things you are lucky to have. Whether that is a bed to sleep on or a good friend to lean on, take note of it.

5. TAKE A MINUTE TO BREATHE: Lastly, take a minute out of your day to do some breathing exercises. When we are feeling stressed or anxious it makes it hard for our brains to focus and be productive. Find a quiet space and take big breaths, inhale for four seconds and exhale for eight, for about a minute or until you feel calm and relaxed. You don’t have to wait until you are already stressed out to practice this, it can be done at any time of the day.


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