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Style Tells a Story

Style Tells a Story

September 21, 2016

Our style is often an expression of our spirit and character. We can tell a story about who we are based on the clothes we wear. Really great, memorable style comes in lots of different packages. Whether you dig super high end stuff, vintage, or something in between - it's usually the pieces that come with a cool backstory that make us really go WHOA THAT'S AWESOME I WANT THAT NEED IT NOW.  
We always say we're dedicated to making cool clothes and we are. On TOP of that, we want to inspire you and make sure you know that no matter who you are or where you're from that you MATTER. When someone asks "Hey, where'd you get that shirt?" You will say our name of course, but it won't end there. You'll get to tell them the DUDE. be nice story, YOUR story. Then I imagine you'd say "We matter, buddy. I'm grateful. I'm nice. You're amazing. I love you. This brand kicks ass. Who wants a hug?" Or something like that. ;)

A major part of my gig here at DUDE. be nice is creative direction. My goal has been to help build this unique brand and set a new standard in the fashion industry. A brand with an awesomely positive message can be super rad, fun to wear and these pieces can become some of the faves in your closet. We are rolling out some super cool stuff like sustainably made tees! The quality is amazing and it's way better for the environment. Yay, earth!

Someday (hopefully soon) we'll expand the brand to include other cool stuff like button ups, shorts, dresses - you name it, we wanna do it. This brand is for everyone. Really. It's for the lovers and the huggers, for the laid back beach goer, for the passionate city dweller, for the energetic change maker, for the silent types who'd rather say the most without saying anything at all, for the trendsetters and the jeans and tee type friends - we've got a little something something for you and everybody you know. Stick with us and let us dress you in something sweet...literally.


  • I wanted to thank you for recognizing foster families at our Refresh Confrence this last week end. It is common to be over looked and under valued and miss represented. You brought a renewed outlook into what we, foster parents, are doing. My family, 2 biological girls and 1 adopted son, have given up their bedrooms, their toys, time and many tears caring and praying over our foster children and are happy doing so. I feel greatful being aware of your product and look forward to purchasing and wearing it. Thank you again for giving us here in Washington a view of the sunny ocean, it was needed.

    Erin Berry on

  • –

    akyovikolaquq on

  • Hi I’m Zeke Dayton, At my school in Texas called Marcus we have a Coach that is leaving after being here at this high school for so long. His name is John Gall a.k.a Coach Gall. He is the Marcus soccer coach. He loves this school and cares for everyone. If you are a Marcus soccer player he gets to know you like your parents. He is technically a second dad. You can tell him anything and he will listen. He is leaving this school because he has been offered to be the head coach of the professional soccer team FC Dallas. In the past he has been offered to go to other schools and even colleges, but because he loves this school he never wanted to leave. If you could, could you guys please come to our High school and help us create something to say goodbye to Coach Gall. Thank you.

    Zeke Dayton on

  • Hi I was wondering if you could come to our school Sig rogich middle school in las vegas to help our school show our love and support to Mrs.Carter she is so nice and loves all the kids she gives candy out and everyone knows who she is and Mrs.Carter will do anything it takes just to make sure one person is happy.

    Lucia on

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