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    DBN Blog

    Leggings Campaign Feature: Lizzy

    Leggings Campaign Feature: Lizzy

    Earlier this month, we proudly introduced our first ever bottoms style: Take it Easy Leggings. When we planned to release leggings, someone asked us "What are leggings? I don't get it. When do you even wear them?" So we gave a few pairs to some of the raddest women we know and captured what they do in these leggings.

    We asked each of the women featured in our video a few questions about why they love their leggings. Our first is Lizzy, Roller Skater Extraordinaire and our amazing Graphic Designer! Read on to see how she rocks her leggings and where her leggings have taken her.

    How does your clothing and lifestyle connect?

    Lizzy: I have noticed that I wear a lot of pants and shorts. And I think that's because I feel like I can do anything, comfortably, in them. Whether it's roller skating, dancing, sitting at a desk, I always prefer to wear pants or shorts. That's why I am always looking for bottoms that are crazy colors or have cool graphics on them, so that I can show more of my personality through them.

    How do you style your leggings?

    Lizzy: My favorite way to style my leggings is with an oversized tee and probably my doc martens.

    What do you do in your leggings?

    Lizzy: Literally everything, sit, eat, dance, skate, laugh. The more comfortable I am the happier I am when I do all my favorite activities.

    Where have your leggings taken you?

    Lizzy: Rock climbing, Europe, home.


    Lizzy Joelson | instagram @bettyguts

    The Woman Behind La Luna Negra: Jocelyn Esparza

    The Woman Behind La Luna Negra: Jocelyn Esparza

    “Persistent, bold, old school and original.” -Jocelyn Esparza
    Get to know the LA-based photographer, artist, and all-around creative. Otherwise known by her instagram handle, la_luna_negra_, she has shot some really cool photographs for DBN! We're inspired by her passion and creativity. Read on to learn more about her art, her journey to becoming a pilot (!) and what kindness means to her. 

    Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

    Well I am 25 going on 26, I am a big dreamer and that is where my art comes from, I love to create things and try new things all the time.

    You’ve been able to self-start your work through blogging/photography/art —can you talk more about your work? What are some of the challenges? What do you love about it? What are you most proud of?

    I honestly started at something that was a hobby to me. I’ve always been very critical of my work, so I never showed anyone what I had created. Then I slowly started opening up. I decided to create my own platform to speak out about what I thought should be brought to light. What better way to do so than my art and photography. Some challenges I've had, to be honest, have been coming across people who were trying to take advantage of me and my art. What I love about my platform and what I do is the amazing and absolutely kind people I have met, and the places I have been able to visit - because of connecting with people. What I am most proud of is how many people I have reached out to and how many people can actually connect with my art and photography.

    What are you working on right now: what projects are holding the most focus?

    I am currently working a shoot for black lives matter, I am super excited and carefully creating powerful photos I hope will reach thousands of people. I also am working on new art for some new jackets I'm doing. I've been very quietly working on these jackets because I want no influence by anyone else but my own, I am really pushing my creativity and imagination to reach my full potential.

    Describe more about your personal style — what colors, silhouettes, styles, fabrics do you love?

    Mmm... let's see I love green tones. I'm a big fan of handmade things with lots of patterns and colors and texture. I like to feel happy and alive when I’m wearing something.

    What inspires you?

    Almost everything inspires me but more than anything it's culture, my Mexican culture. Traveling as well. I get to observe people in different cities and countries, the way people interact and the culture that lives in the food, style, religion, etc.

    Besides work, what are you most passionate about?

    Flying! I am studying to be a pilot and every time I think of being up in the sky I feel an overwhelming joy. The sky truly is the limit unless you want to be an astronaut. haha

    What’s the greatest life advice you’ve ever received?

    "Don't ever feel you have to conform to society, you believe in something you go out and create it and never limit yourself."

    What are some of your favorite local spots?

    I love going to the Angeles Forest. It’s close enough that it's east to travel to but far away enough to be able to feel like I have space to think and breathe.

    What does kindness mean to you?

    Kindness. Kindness to me is to do a sweet gesture with the best intentions. A pastor once told me "picture a tree - it's a beautiful tree but it has all of its oranges taped on. People can pretend to be kind and giving but if it's not from the heart, then those fruits will just be taped on and you aren't actually bearing fruit." That's the way I see any kind of gesture - do it because you want to. Kindness should grow within to grow without.

    La Luna Negra | 

    La Lune Art |


    From the Desk Of: Leslie Antonoff

    From the Desk Of: Leslie Antonoff

    Leslie Antonoff is a content creator, television personality and style influencer. You’ve seen her face on TV, as one half of “Butter and Brown” and the mini staple series “Big Screen, Small Bites” on Aspire Network. She runs a lifestyle blog thehautemommie.comRead on as she shares about the challenges of being an entrepreneur and the importance of making time to take care of yourself. 

    Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about time. How we spend it, how valuable it is, and how we all wish for more. As I look at my calendar filled with meetings and dates, I think about the people who always say they wished they worked for themselves. And while the notion of not answering to a boss is the most common appeal of entrepreneurship most people forget about the time it costs.

    It’s easy to long for the assumed freedoms of working for yourself but typically the average person isn’t willing to give the time it requires to have them. My goal in becoming an entrepreneur has always been simple - to create a life where I could choose how I spent my time. I recognized early on in life that time was more valuable than anything and now as a mother, wife, and business owner I understand that even more. Though I am mindful not to waste it, I do think my time gets away from me more than I’d care to admit. While article after article appears in publications of successful people sharing how they spend their time, I can’t say I’ve followed their lead and implemented a daily routine. There’s no meditation, I sleep with my phone right next to my pillow, and I definitely start checking my emails long before I’ve even had breakfast. But as I write this letter I’m imploring you, as I am myself, to not only place value on how I devvie my time for my businesses and my family, but also myself.

    When I read those articles about how other entrepreneurs spend their time they don’t resonate with me because they have employees, discretionary funds, and I consider them to have “made it.” But the truth is - so have I. I have control over my life. I choose when I come and when I go. For that reason I am choosing to be kinder to myself, not to be so worried about whether I’m wasting my time or not. Not to worry if I’ve been productive enough or accomplished my goals for the day. Rather I’m going to allow myself the time to take a break, get outside, or read a little more. Because there’s one thing in this life that once it’s gone we can never get back and that’s time.

    dude. be nice, is all about showing kindness to others but I want to encourage you to show that same kindness to yourself. Be gentle and give yourself time to grow, discover, and achieve. Success doesn’t manifest over night, and if it’s does it’s likely not worthwhile. This month put some me time on the calendar, that’s what successful people do.



    Creator & Owner of Butter + BROWN, Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company and The Hautemommie

    Butter + Brown |

    Sweet Knowledge Clothing |

    The Haute Mommie |


    Meet Jason+David of Local Fixture

    Meet Jason+David of Local Fixture

    This month, we’re excited to team up with owners of Whittier’s very own, Local Fixture, Jason and David Chung — Local Fixture is a rad retail shop and coffee bar designed to bring the community together by offering an array of unique products, premium coffee and the friendliest customer service this side of the equator.

    LF is DBN’s exclusive local retail partner. It is the only place in the LA area you can shop top DBN styles in person.

    DBN headquarters is right across the street from LF and we visit them almost every day. For real. (Their hot teas and lemon bars are crazzzy good!) We sat down with Jason & David to learn a little more about them. With years of owning their own business under their belt, Jason & David know exactly what it takes to make a small business successful. They shared with us about the importance of community, how to hustle hard and what inspires them. 

    Hi guys! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up?

    Jason: We both were born in Hong Kong but moved to the U.S. in 84’ and then we grew up in Claremont. David went to UCLA and I went to USC, the better school (ha!). I moved to Whittier after I married my wife so our family lives in Whittier now.

    When you were just out of HS, what did you think your future career would be?

    David: We didn’t know at all. I think it’s pretty fair to say that life isn’t permanent. Things are always changing and evolving. I don’t even think 10 years ago, when we started this business, that we knew we would be where we are now.

    We know you previously ran a successful handbag ecommerce site. Now you own and operate our favorite General Store - Local Fixture. How did Local Fixture come about as the next step in your career?

    Jason: We were doing handbags for about 10 years. We got to a point where it  started to become really competitive. Especially with all the big name stores like Nordstrom. Trying to compete with those guys was getting harder and harder. When my wife and I got married and moved to Whittier we saw an opportunity to open up a local business. We saw that there were great restaurants and shops in but not many great retail stores. We would go to Pasadena and even all the way to Venice to visit the really cool retail shops. There was nothing like that around here so I thought, why not? I thought, why should we have to travel so far when we could open up something in our own community. So far, the community has reacted very well to the store.

    We think it’s safe to say that Local Fixture is Whittier’s favorite go to spot. A place where people can go for a cup of coffee and of course some really neat buys. Why do you think people gravitate to LF?

    David: I honestly think it’s our staff. I think our staff does a fantastic job of making people feel at home. They just provide a great energy and people enjoy being around them. People feel good when they’re here and I credit our staff for many of the good things that are happening in our store.

    Local Fixture carries some really cool brands! What made you want to partner with our brand?

    Jason: I think it was initially meeting Brent and Veronica in the very beginning and learning about what dude. be nice was all about. Then we started watching the videos and we were just blown away by what DBN was doing and the message you guys are sending. It’s just a great message! I mean, c’mon, dude. be nice! It’s simple.

    David: It’s clearly aligned with what we believe in and what we try to do with the store which is, create kindness. It was a very natural partnership that developed and one that we’re very fortunate to have.  

    We read in your blog that, “Community is everything.” Why is community so important to you?

    Jason: The city of Whittier has a great community - I think it’s important to build a relationship with our community. It’s great to have a space where everyone can come together. We wanted to create something that’s not just a store but a place where people can go and just hang out. We really didn’t even have the coffee shop in mind when we decided to open up the store. We actually had couches and chairs out for people to relax on. I think as the business progressed we thought it would be cool to create a coffee shop within the store and have it become a hangout place for people to come and chat, relax or have meetings.

    David: I also think as the world becomes more connected online there’s sort of this effort to go back to that old school real life connection where people can meet face to face. All the online social media stuff is great but people also want personal connection and so it’s nice to have a space where people can do that. We even have events in our store and at the coffee bar and it’s just cool to see people show up for that - to see so many people who enjoy the same things come together in one place.

    We love Whittier, especially, Uptown. Why do you love Whittier?

    (People walking by saying, “Hey guys, how are you?”)

    Jason: (Responds, “Hi, we’re doing good. See you guys later!” Looks at me and says...) That’s why we love Whittier. Being able to come in everyday and see those familiar faces is what community is all about.

    David: It’s a special place. There aren’t many places with such an eclectic mix of people with all different types of stories and experiences. They’re all here and that’s cool.

    Are you working on any cool projects right now?

    Jason: There’s always something brewing but right now we’re just getting all of our ducks in a row and getting our space organized.

    David: Our creative juices are always flowing!

    What are you looking forward to in 2017? What are some personal and professional goals?

    Jason: Growing Local Fixture, of course. I think it’s also important to find that balance between work and family. Although, the people that work here are like family. I really want to find that balance of being at home with my wife and kids and working. We have that family atmosphere at LF and my kids are here visiting me all the time but it would be nice to figure out that work/home life balance.

    David: I actually just got engaged so I look forward to getting married this year. Professionally? Seeing how we can improve LF, figuring out what other things we can  offer to the community, who else can we network with and just continuing to do what we’re doing.

    What artists, ideas, places, or books are most exciting/inspiring to you right now?

    Jason: I love design, interior design and retail design. I go to a lot of trade shows and get a lot of inspiration from trade shows, the people I meet there and the fancy showrooms I see.

    David: What about that podcast we were listening to?

    Jason: Oh yeah, we were actually listening to a great podcast on our way to a trade show. It was called, How it Was Made, or something like that. It was basically about...

    David: ...Well, who did they interview? They interviewed the CEO of Patagonia and the CEO of Southwest. They interview people who are not only creative business people but very principled human beings who have a greater vision of not only doing business but also people who have interesting views on the world. Stuff like that definitely inspires us.

    People have lots of different opinions about the word “nice”. What does ‘nice’ mean to you?

    David & Jason: Kindness, empathy, and compassion for ourselves and others. We need it right now more than ever!

    Just like you, we’re a small but fast growing business. What advice or tips would you give young people looking to start their own creative project or branch out on their own? What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting out?

    Jason: I would say to always keep learning. Never stop learning. I’m always out there reading different books and blogs or listening to speakers on podcasts. Doing that keeps you in the know of everything that’s happening.

    David: Continue to be curious and learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to fail. Take risks! Of course you want to be smart about the risks you take but at the same time don’t be afraid to take them. In the end if you don’t get what you wanted what you did get was a really good lesson and that’s usually even more valuable than success sometimes. I think you have to know when to pivot. I think you have to know when something’s run it’s course and change direction before that something has run it’s course. There has certainly been times when we got too comfortable in one thing and maybe it went a certain way for too long instead of us realizing we should of  pivoted in a different direction. It’s okay though because we learned from those times and are aware now.


    What does success mean to you?

    Jason: I think success for me is not just about profit. It goes back to bringing people together and building that community. Being creative and doing something I love.I honestly look forward to coming to work everyday. Of course, balancing it all and being able to spend time with family is part of that.

    David: I would say to love and be loved. To know you’re enough and have enough. I think it’s something many of us work on everyday but I think if we all got there the world would be a lot more beautiful.

    Our brand is all about connecting people. What is one way you feel that your work connects people?

    Jason: One way our store connects people is definitely over our coffee bar. Getting a coffee, some pastries and just hanging out. We see people come in, grab coffee and just hang out all day. Meeting new people, getting to know who our neighbors are and building those relationships has been really great.


    Get down to Local Fixture asap. Pick up some DBN styles and shop a ton of other cool products for home, men, women and kids. Grab a matcha green tea latte and chill in their coffee bar. You might run into David and Jason! (You might even run into us.) 

    Local Fixture |
    Bethany Gilbertson Photography |


    Style Tells a Story

    Style Tells a Story

    Our style is often an expression of our spirit and character. We can tell a story about who we are based on the clothes we wear. Really great, memorable style comes in lots of different packages. Whether you dig super high end stuff, vintage, or something in between - it's usually the pieces that come with a cool backstory that make us really go WHOA THAT'S AWESOME I WANT THAT NEED IT NOW.  
    We always say we're dedicated to making cool clothes and we are. On TOP of that, we want to inspire you and make sure you know that no matter who you are or where you're from that you MATTER. When someone asks "Hey, where'd you get that shirt?" You will say our name of course, but it won't end there. You'll get to tell them the DUDE. be nice story, YOUR story. Then I imagine you'd say "We matter, buddy. I'm grateful. I'm nice. You're amazing. I love you. This brand kicks ass. Who wants a hug?" Or something like that. ;)

    A major part of my gig here at DUDE. be nice is creative direction. My goal has been to help build this unique brand and set a new standard in the fashion industry. A brand with an awesomely positive message can be super rad, fun to wear and these pieces can become some of the faves in your closet. We are rolling out some super cool stuff like sustainably made tees! The quality is amazing and it's way better for the environment. Yay, earth!

    Someday (hopefully soon) we'll expand the brand to include other cool stuff like button ups, shorts, dresses - you name it, we wanna do it. This brand is for everyone. Really. It's for the lovers and the huggers, for the laid back beach goer, for the passionate city dweller, for the energetic change maker, for the silent types who'd rather say the most without saying anything at all, for the trendsetters and the jeans and tee type friends - we've got a little something something for you and everybody you know. Stick with us and let us dress you in something sweet...literally.