We were sick of the bad news. So we sought out to build more positive communities, one video at a time. 

We were just regular people who knew that there was more to life than the sinking feeling we got when we opened up our phone. We started listening to and telling stories and, well, turns out we weren’t the only people looking for deeper connection, better conversations, and stronger communities. That's why we've been rolling with dude. be nice (DBN) since 2014. 
It’s our mission to inspire people to treat themselves and others better. You can connect with our brand by watching and sharing our videos, using our free resources to make DBN a part of your community (get 'em HERE), or representing our mission by picking up some DBN merch right HERE.
We call Austin, TX home right now, but our roots are back in CA (Whittier and Ventura to be exact).